So am I. I couldn’t ask for a better friend to share a room with. It really is perfect. I haven’t had my room painted since I was 12, so I definitely need the change.


Me either. Who would have thought that in grade nine when you practically hated me? Oh really? Yeah, we definitely need to upgrade the paint job then.

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It depends. I might sound a bit nerdy, but I actually enjoy school, so I find it amazing. Not only that though. There’s new people to meet, you feel more independent, and you don’t have to eat cafeteria anymore.


Makes sense, although I never really took you for the school type of person. It actually kind of sounds like heaven when you put it like that though.

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Checking on Aiden | Missguitarflirt 

  • Drew: listened to Jenna speak and nodded when she mentioned his late wife. "Thank you for telling him that. I don't want him to give his hopes up. The thing is it's just us. He thinks his mom's on vacation, though she's not." he explained a little and felt Aiden tug on his pants causing Drew to pick him up. "What is it, bud?" Drew asked curiously. "Alex told me he has another daddy after his daddy went on vacation. Is it the same with mommy?" Aiden asked and Drew looked at him. "Where did this come from?" he asked curiously. "Mommy has been in heaven forever and I think she likes her vacation more than us so I need a new mommy. One that won't leave us like mommy did." Aiden said and Drew looked at him. "Mommy didn't want to leave, but God wanted her to be with him and she's watching over us." Drew explained the best he could and put Aiden down. "Can Ms. Middleton be my new mommy?" Aiden asked. "Go play before I take you to work with me." Drew threatened and watched Aiden run off before standing up. "Sorry about that. He's always persistent like his mom. When she wanted something she worked as hard as she could to get it no matter what it was. If she wanted it she did whatever she had to do to get it." he stated and looked at her Jenna. "I think he just misses his mom right now and might ask you to be his mom if you show enough affection towards him. He's been in and out of his moods. Some where his mom's coming back, other ones where he gets angry, and the ones like now where he wants to have another mom. He went to her funeral and watched her being lowered in the ground at his mom's request so he'd have closure." he explained. "He's all I have left so I want him to be ok." he sighed a bit. "I'm sorry if he made you feel uncomfortable." he apologized to her.
  • Jenna: nodded in response to Drew. “Of course. We don’t know all home situations so it’s actually we’re supposed to say so we don’t disappoint any of the children.” She explained to him the policy of the daycare. She could feel her lip start to quiver when he mentioned the death of Aiden’s mother. She was never good with death, especially considering the one of her own mother, so she knew exactly what Aiden was going through. Once Aiden interrupted Jenna tried to give a sincere smile knowing he didn’t truly understand what heaven was and the meaning of death was because he was way too young to even begin to grasp the concept. She let out a little laugh when he asked for her to be his mother; she’d always wanted to be a mother who could actually keep a child this time, which is how she wounded up in childcare as her career, to repay for when she couldn’t take care of her own son. “Oh no, don’t apologize, it’s completely okay. I grew up without a mom, I know what it’s like to want one and for kids that age, it’s what’s supposed to be normal but he’ll be okay, he’s tough.” She said glancing over at him. “Mr.Torres, it’s fine. I promise and between you and me if you need someone to talk to or if you need someone to watch Aiden to do work or something, just let me know. You’re in a hard position and I understand that.” Jenna smiled and offered help even if it was the least that she could do for them.

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My RPing style is “I tried

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Getting Started || J.T & Jenna  

  • JT: wasn't surprised in the slightest when he heard the first few chords of 'Shine'. It was a song that he'd seen and heard his friend perform literally dozens of times, and it was the first thing he had heard Jenna sing. She practically oozed confidence while she was on stage, and it could especially be told from her first piece that she was no stranger to the art of performing for crowds. JT kept an eye on the spectators standing around him, trying to interpret their reactions as the blonde moved on to her second and third songs, undoubtedly blowing them away with a showcase of her vocal talent. The performance could have gone on for longer, for he really enjoyed the sound of his friend's melodious voice, but he knew that like all of her shows, they had to end sometime. Jenna was always looking for his honest opinion, and so JT tried to come up with some constructive criticism on most occasions. "Great as always" he started with a compliment, and one which he believed to be true "But you know, I got to thinking, maybe could try doing 'Shine' last next time. Go out with a bang; that sort of thing."
  • Jenna: waited in anticipation for J.T’s response. She never knew what the boy was going to say and on a rare occasion she could figure it out, but this was not one of those occasions. He could say she was brilliant and try to suck up to her to try and get himself a start or give him lessons or something like that or he could be brutally honest and break her heart but she was more than thankful that he went with the middle response of somewhere in between the two. “I can see where you’re coming from maybe I’ll switch it up a little. I’ll start with ‘How The Story Goes’ and then end with “Shine’. Great idea J.T’.” Jenna said with a smile and tapped him lightly on the shoulder. “How about dessert on me? Well no literally but like, I’ll pay.” The girl said stumbling upon her words knowing J.T’s thoughts had probably went to the dirtier side of his mind.

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I agree. Oh god no. No he has a girlfriend. She’s nice, and I like her but god no. We agreed to be friends for Lily’s sake, but nothing more

Why whatever happened to all that? I kind of got caught up in my own relationship, I didn’t really focus on anyone else’s except mine.

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Reunions || (Clenna) Brightclare 

  • Clare: smiled a bit when Jenna agreed to do a body shot with more enthusiasm than she'd expected. She should've known though. She watched Dallas set up the shot and rolled her eyes when her best friend asked if there were volunteers. "Don't even think about it." Clare told Drew grabbing his arm which he'd already started to raise. "I volunteer, I volunteer as tribute." She said giggling drunkenly. She released Drew's arm and walked over to Jenna. Dallas handed her the salt. She leaned over and licked Jenna's neck first before applying salt to the spot. Then she licked along the blonde's neck before she started to grab the glass from between Jenna's breasts with her mouth. Once she'd managed that she tipped back her head to drink the shot of tequila.
  • Jenna: waited in anticipation staring at Clare, raising her eyebrows then watching the girl stop Drew, and Jenna wouldn’t mind if it was either one of them. “You would say that.” Jenna said and rolled her eyes. The girl held her breath while Clare licked her neck, for some reason it felt so…. right. “Wow Clarebear… didn’t know you had that in ya.” Jenna slurred. There’s was a loud voice coming from the speakers and Jenna turned around to see someone with a microphone announcing that the night had come to an end. “Well Damn.” Jenna said, “Just when things were starting to get good. Is that even right grammar?” She rolled her eyes, “Oh well.”